Finding Perspective

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March is almost over and spring is working its way here. I hope that you have made time to look around and see what brings you hope and maybe took the step of engaging in our craft for this month.

I, myself, have been struggling with hope this past week and I think I have found out why…

I love our big picture window in the living room. The view always refreshes me when I start to get cabin fever. Sometimes, though, I just have to go outside, take a walk and get out of the house–to take a step away from “all this” (gesturing at my house , life stuff and family responsibilities). I can get a bit neurotic and weird so a change of scenery is helpful. I know it’s all there when I come back but I have been away and have gained some…perspective

When it hurts to have hope I know that I have lost perspective. I am adrift in the sea of life and can’t get my head above the waves. I wrestle with the idea of accepting that  ‘this is just how it is‘.

I begin to look for something to anchor to when life says:

Give it up.

You aren’t going anywhere.

Things won’t change…ever

Instead of panicking, I let myself just go there…

What if it doesn’t get better? What if things don’t change? What if this IS it…?

Can I be okay? Can I reach down deep inside and find sure footing?

Can I find the hope that stays with me and helps me to make a good life HERE?

It is in this place that I begin to search for my lost my perspective and I must first remember that:

hope isn’t dependent on my circumstances changing (even though I want them too badly),

hope isn’t tied to another person becoming healthier or nicer (even though that would be wonderful),

hope doesn’t wait on “If only” (even though it’s tempting to dream).

Hope is patient expectation. In other words, it is packed with promise and potential for a good outcome.The definition of hope as a verb–an action word-is:  to place confidence (faith) in; to trust (have faith) in with confident expectation of good. (For more on the definition of hope see blog titled: Hope is the thing with feathers). Hope that is grounded, anchored and focused requires an element of faith–a faith in something or someone greater than ourselves–otherwise, it’s like hoping that cotton candy will have some nutritional value as it is consumed.

Hope without faith is like a picture out of focus and perspective.

I have a deep faith in God and as I searched to find a place to stand in hope, I came to a crossroads of faith and I asked myself, “What DO I believe?”  Here I find my perspective is changed –just like when I take a walk or go for a drive.

Just as a picture frame can help to bring the picture or painting into focus and “frame” it so my faith helps to surround my hope, anchor it and give it something to hang on. It brings it all into focus and helps me gain much needed perspective.

Heidi Mull, putting on my jacket for a long walk & wondering if I need a bigger frame.