Please allow me to introduce myself…(Blogging 101)

Welcome to March… and my blog, Crafting Hope by Heidi Mull.

For those of you who already know me, this post is an opportunity to get to know me better. I am currently enrolled in a blogging class to help me grow and improve. This is an assignment for that class.

For those who don’t know me… please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a forty-six year old, wife of 20 years, mother of 5 and “Gi Gi” to one grandson. I was raised in the same town I live in now but I went away to college and have lived on both coasts. I have a BS degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Work. I have spent the last 17+ years homeschooling my kids and being Mom.

In my life I have


worked in retail,

customer service,

delivered singing telegrams,

worked as a case manager,

sang in church,

taught other children from ages 2 to 15,

worked at the US post office,

attempted various in-home sales businesses,

cleaned houses,

written poetry and short stories (unpublished to date).

I am caring for a husband who was assaulted and still suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury. I was primary caregiver for my Mom as she fought ovarian cancer and lost.  I have witnessed several births and been present at as many deaths. There is much more I could list  but all this is to say that I have lived.

I have sought for and fought for hope throughout my life. I learned, at an early age, the joy that comes from creating or crafting…anything. In these times of creating, I have developed a timeless connection to the Creator and the creative force inside of each of us. As a result, I have found that hope can arise out of chaos and pain. And that having a hope-full life is part journey–part process but definitely intentional. I invite you to look back at my previous post called “Let’s get started” to get an idea of how crafting hope works.  Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you as we join together in this journey of crafting hope.


Heidi Mull, who I am and why I am here.