Wish Upon A Star?

Did you ever wish upon a star? What happened? How did it work for you?


As a young, and not-so-young, child, I would compete with my siblings to see the first star of the evening and proceed to chant:

Star light star bright

first star I see tonight,

wish I may,  wish I might,

have this wish I wish tonight.

And let’s not forget Disney’s Blue fairy from Pinocchio:bfairyvisitsp

When you wish upon a star

makes no difference who you are

anything your heart desires will come to you.

The idea of wishing good things into my life and wishing bad things away is captivating to me even now as an adult but HOPE–real HOPE–is not found in a wish nor in a star.

Sometimes having hope means learning to live with pain. Hope continues to look for the good with hopeful expectation but not perfection or the “fixing” of all that seems wrong. Hope is firmly based in reality, as it must be, for hope that is not real is not really hope at all but merely wishful thinking and wishing on a star has never gotten anyone any further along on the journey towards a more HOPE-full life.

So let’s talk about reality and pain and living in a place I like to call “Realsville”.

All of us humans live in Realsvile but some of us try and deny such a reality and we use all sorts of things to do so..

Nice stuff,

full bank account,


educational degrees,

romantic love,

and more…

And none of these things are inherently good or bad.

But the truth is we are all humans living temporarily on this earth and are susceptible to the flaws and losses that are common to the human condition:

physical pain,



broken homes,








and even death.

And while money, success, and nice stuff can help to buffer the pain of such things they cannot fully remove them.

So then how do we have hope in the midst of such brokenness and anguish?

How do we learn to live with pain, grief and disappointments?

How can hope help?hopeinwindow

First of all let me say that I will not insult your intelligence by suggesting a 3-point-plan-ofhope that will be a “cure-all” to what ails you.


But lets talk about some basic ways to tap into HOPE:

  1. self-care
  2. community
  3. communication



You are one of a kind. There is no one else like you. This pain, this trouble is NOT you. It does not define you. You are NOT perfect and your scars and your faults are what make you unique. Caring for the mystery that is you is of utmost importance. Hope in some good coming out of all this is always applied to your self first.

Hope is the thing with feathersbluebirdofhope

that perches in the soul

and sings the tune

without the words

and never stops at all.

Hope comes from a place in your soul that knows there is more to you than just this…

We were designed by an infinite and good Creator and although that is hard to reconcile in this place of pain–hope is what dares us to believe in the possibility.


And you were not meant to be. Even introverts need a friend…

I know that some of your worst pain and disappointments have come from those around you. People hurt people BUT before you write them off remember that you are one, too. I see in me the potential for evil and good. I know I have hurt others knowingly and unknowingly. I have created beautiful things and been apart of beautiful moments only to turn around and destroy with my attitude and words.

Hope calls us to community-a messy community of others who, like us, battle every day to choose:community

good over evil

kindness over apathy

love over self-preservation

sharing over hoarding

hope over despair.

We were designed to be in community– “It is not good for man to be alone.

We need each other-if only to remind us of the need for grace in all of our lives-which leads us to our final thought for today…


Your life, your choices, your experiences in Realsville all say something to those around you and to those with whom you choose to share your stories.small-gift-box-e1435518805536

You may not have a Youtube channel, a video blog, a Facebook page, or even a blog, like this one, BUT you are speaking all of the time and those who can “hear” you or are willing to listen can be encouraged and taught by the way you live your life. I have a neighbor who has been nothing but friendly and kind to us for all the years we have lived here.

She welcomed us to the neighborhood,

asks about family members who are battling illness or recently passed,

told my kids to play in the stream by her house and feel free to make a mess and noise,

always had super-sized candy bars for them on Halloween,

shares her garden tomatoes with us,

drops off “extra” things occasionally,

recently “retired” (not her choice) and decided to volunteer to work in the office of the local soup kitchen.

She has lived her life mostly unconnected from social media, and yet, I have learned so much from her. Her life speaks volumes and I have only heard a little of what she has to say. She has lived in Realsville  and has found a way to live a more hopeful life. I hope to hear some of her stories soon–I am going to ask her to brunch.


Don’t wish upon a star but be one. Shine where you are. You never know who might be looking for a little help to guide them along the way. Realsville is made of people like you and me. Hope is crafted, cultivated, and created by those of us who choose to make our home here.  Write it down somewhere you can see:




And then…

Choose to shine. Don’t wish on a star–BE ONE. When your light is dim,  find a star to spend some time with-like my neighbor.

We were made to shine in the midst of pain, hurt and darkness. nitesky

Heidi Mull, living in Realsville, learning to shine.



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