Now You See It…

The joy of believing in magic is lost on us adults. Oh, but we can remember how it was when we did…



If we could dream or imagine it—it was real.

Now you see it…

In the journey for a more HOPE-full life, we need to remember to pack our imaginations. I’m not talking about escaping into fantasy (although a little of that is fun and a good way to remember how to use our imaginations) but allowing our rigid, factual, adult minds some wiggle room.

In order to keep this part of me fluid, I have been reading and re-reading some of my favorite books:

Anne of Green Gables

A Wrinkle in Time

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Blue Umbrella

The Hobbit


The Light Princess

Little Women

Around the World in 80 Days

The Giver

The Lord of the Rings

…just to name a few.

As I reflect on the importance of belief, I do so with the understanding that

we DON”T live in a fantasy-land,

happy endings aren’t guaranteed,

magic potions don’t exist,

AND that it hurts to open ourselves up to belief in something good…

BUT the alternative is devastating to our souls.

Now you don’t.

It is a dark, stark world that doesn’t have room for the possibility of good, the potential for positive or the light of hope. Pain causes us to want to shut that part of ourselves down because the reality of this hurtful world is often too much to bear. In the midst of the darkest night of the soul and prolonged pain, we hunker down, close the door and slam the shutters on our hearts. We weep in agony at all that was lost, stolen or destroyed.

It hurts TOO MUCH…

And yet, here, in this dark place, is where we start, when we are ready to begin again. We start to breathe again, stare at the door and contemplate the cracks of light slipping through the shutters. In that place of contemplation and reflection, we begin

to believe,

to care,

to reflect,

to imagine,

to hope again.

Now you see it, now you don’t, now you see it..

Goodness, hope, light and love are always here. Sometimes we just can’t see them because of our situation and pain.

Take some time to allow yourself some space to hope and heal; to breathe and believe; to reflect and renew your imagination. Feel free to borrow from my book list and let the process towards a more HOPE-full life begin to work its magic in you.

Heidi Mull, opening the shutters to let in a little more light (so I can see to read).


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