Into The Fray

Welcome to a new calender year. A time to reflect on the past, celebrate the here and now, look toward the future.

We love to speak in terms of change: turning over a new leaf , a new page, a new me but the fact is that there is no magical reset or turning of the page.

It is not a “new” year–it’s just another day but what captures our hearts and imaginations is the possibility and potential for change– the expectation of some new good. It’s hope that propels us to celebrate the “new” year but hope that has no foundation or traction is like eating cotton candy for it’s nutritional value.

I do not offer any such promises of

quick resolutions to life’s problems,

easy steps that will fix what’s broken,

magic formulas that will right the wrongs and restore what’s missing.

I do offer some ideas on how to be more intentional and mindful of how we build, grow and create our lives. Miracles do still happen and I believe in them and the One who does them. I also believe that walking out this life, which can be full of surprises and miracles, requires focus, faith and fortitude. Even the day after an incredible miracle we still have to pay bills, care for our loved ones, take out the trash and put gas in the car.

Let me introduce, or recap if you are already following, the layout  of Crafting Hope by Heidi Mull. There are two aspects, or parts, involved:

1.The Thought or Theme.

This is where I present my ideas and thoughts about an aspect of life as it relates to hope. Each month will be a theme/topic that we will unpack on a weekly basis. I want to hear from you and your thoughts both agree and disagree and would like your permission to post them, anonymously of course, to create a conversation about our topics. Please feel free to invite others who you think would enjoy or benefit from our conversations. I also have Facebook page where the conversations can continue.

2.The Craft, Intentional Action, or Visual Aid.

This is where I share 12 simple and inexpensive crafts, actions, or visual aids (one for each month) with options for age, crafting ability and even time issues. Each one will be coincide with the idea of hope that we are discussing that month. The goal is to use crafts, actions, or visual aids and the time spent doing them to put into practice the concept of intentionality crafting, creating or developing more HOPE-full hope lives. Each month, as we focus on a specific topic or theme, we will unpack and examine an aspect of hope in our daily lives.

I want you to be hope-minded, hope-focused and eventually hope-full.

One important note: life happens so if you miss one or can’t do it or whatever—DON”T GIVE UP. Join me in the pursuit of a more hopeful life, however that looks for you. If you find a craft that speaks to you–DO IT!  Just jump in where you are and keep moving forward.

And please don’t feel pressure to do these if crafting is not for you but also don’t dismiss the therapeutic power of making/doing something as a way to bring focus to our topic of the month. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even pretty to be useful…

Thought for January

Into the Fray

I invite you to join me and others as we step into the fray of life and learn to stand strong, embrace courage and create a more HOPE-full life for ourselves and those around us.

A fray (noun/thing) is an unusually disorderly or extended/prolonged fight, struggle or dispute. (Webster) Seems like a good description of life.

It’s also a verb (an action)  “to wear out as if by rubbing (overuse) as in clothing; to cause to unravel (threads on the edges); to strain or irritate (tempers become frayed).” A good description of how being in the fray of life can make me feel.

Both of these uses of fray speak to our life here on earth and stepping into the fray holds the idea of



bringing order,




This can require us to

accept that life can be like a battle,

accept that we must be intentional and not passive,

accept that being HOPE-full requires focus,

and to

let go of past dreams to be able to embrace new ones,

let go of past hurts to be able to forgive and move on,

let go of what isn’t and may never be to step forward into what is and can be.

So here we are beginning a new year and I invite you to join me, and others, as we embrace the possibility and potential of crafting and creating more HOPE-full lives.

Craft/Action for January

Needles and Pins

“I am reminded that every day I have the chance to pick up a needle and some thread and add to the story. To stitch together something beautiful and unique, to patch a small scrap of fabric to the story, to the Story of God, that will be retold again and again for all of eternity.”

The pen is mightier than the sword…but a needle is sharper.–HM
When heading into the fray we need to be prepared. Prepared for war with a weapon and prepared to repair the frayed edges and open seams. What better than a needle and some pins? And what better to make than a place to keep our weapons.
Here are some fun, super easy ideas to make one for yourself:













page and please invite others to join us. You can subscribe at the bottom of the page and like me on Facebook.


Heidi Mull, stepping into the fray, feeling frayed but not afraid.




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