A Season of Hope

Welcome to December–a month of light, hope, and love.

As we come to the last month of our yearlong journey towards a more HOPE-full life, I am amazed at the changes that have taken place. This journey for me has been a challenging one. Thank you for joining me. It is truly my hope that something I said or did resonated with you even in the smallest way.

As small pebble can effect the course of a river, a small change can effect the course of a life. -HM


This season–both the holiday and the natural (winter)– is a reminder of the power of hope.

Hope is a light in the dark seasons of life. Whether a small flicker or giant beacon, hope lights the way.

We can choose to look into the darkness and be afraid or we can use the light we have to

illuminate where we are,

light another light,

push back the darkness.

The symbolism of hope is EVERYWHERE this time of year. Hope seems to run rampant as we display the entire process of a more hope-full life in the span of a few weeks.

In looking back over our journey this year (and I DO encourage you to look back over the blog and review) we have touched on how to find hope; how to grow hope, how to share hope and much more. This month/holiday season is so powerful and profound because it pours all of the elements of hope into one short, short season.

It can be invigorating as we marinate in hope and even become intoxicated with hope but if we don’t learn how to grow and sustain hope, we set ourselves up for a huge disappointment when the season passes and we find ourselves with a hope hangover–feeling duped, cheated and vulnerable to despair.

We are needlessly cruel to ourselves as we limit how we view the power of hope and bask in it only to watch as it melts away when to holidays are over. My dear friends, this what we have spent the past year talking about–intentionally growing a more HOPE-full life.

Don’t fear or despair the fleetingness of hope in this short season, we are going to keep walking together in this journey.  So savor the joys–no matter how small–of the season, re-read your favorite posts and remember the things we have learned about what hope is or isn’t. Use the tools we have shared to not only sustain the hope but to share it and to grow it.

This doesn’t have to be just a season of hope if you allow this time to be a boost and an encouragement to light your way on your journey towards a more HOPE-full life.


Hope is light. When I think of light, I immediately think of candles–the best symbolism of a hopeful light.

As this time of year is already so busy, we WON’T be doing a craft/visual aid. There are so many already out there during this season make a point to look for them.

All I am suggesting is to buy a special candle (the bigger the better) or a several small ones.

It can be

scented or colored,

plain or fancy,

small or ginormous.

(If you don’t like candles or struggle with fear of fire then I encourage you to get a battery operated candle.)

Let this candle be only for special use. It is to burn as you remind yourself about

the journey you are on towards a more HOPE-full life,

the power of hope in a dark world,

the power of hope on a stormy night/day,

the power of hope to illuminate the way through tough situations,

the power of hope to transform darkness into light.

And finally, NO matter what your past has led you to believe, I invite you to examine the Source of hope. He is not just symbolism. He is real. If you have been let down by faith (organizations or people), I want to encourage you to try again. Let hope re-ignite your faith in Love-the love of the One who is love. Love can lead the way past a season of hope into a life of hope. That’s what this season is all about.

Heidi Mull,  lighting my candle, savoring the season, seeking the Source.




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