Song of Thanksgiving

It starts out softly as a whisper floating gently on the breeze. First from over there, then there, and there. Each soft sound joining with the next until it becomes a hum–a low resonant hum–warm and inviting.

The hum increases into a buzz. The buzz begins to penetrate into the surrounding sounds as it joyfully builds into a song.

The song rises until it echoes off of the hills and brings to us the anthem of thanksgiving.

It’s our song now–our song of gratitude, joy and…hope.

We sing softly at first but the song rises from our hearts until like the fullness of day it bursts forth and becomes light for those around who cannot yet hear the whispers.

This is our song of thanksgiving.

We, who have walked in the darkness of fear and uncertainty, appreciate the warmth of even the faintest light.

We, who have felt the loneliness left by loss, appreciate the simplest gestures of care and compassion.

We, who have tasted the bitterness of disappointment, savor the sweetness of the smallest morsels offered in encouragement.

We, who have lost our voices, find hope in just hearing the song others are singing.

From the youngest to the oldest,

From the gullible to the cynic,

From the dreamer to the desperate,

From the outcast to the prodigal,

This song has no bounds, speaks every language, and invites all who would to join in.





As the final notes fade away, in the silence we stand




This isn’t about just eating although sharing is part of it.

This isn’t about having to see relatives/friends although companionship is necessary.

This isn’t about watching football although cheering on each other is fun.

This isn’t about driving over the river and through the woods although we all have a journey to take.

This isn’t about shopping although giving is important.

This is our song we sing to pull the light into the darkness.

the fullness into the want

the friendships into the loneliness

the sharing into the stinginess of our souls

the gratitude into the places, people and things whose purposes we still don’t understand.

And for the very bravest of heart, it can grow into a life of it’s own if we choose to stay tuned in to the whispers, hums and buzzes that are around us everyday.

Not everyone can or will…

But if we allow the song to continue in our own lives past a day or week or even a season, the song begins to penetrate into the deepest places of us…

…and we are forever changed.

Our light stays on,

our want shrinks,

our friendships deepen,

our souls expand,

our spirits soar,

and the music plays on until we begin to wonder at the origin of the whispers and start on the journey to find the Source.

And we find that the One who began the song is singing it to us and for us because He knows the power of thanksgiving and gratitude.

He knows we need it for our journey through this life. He invites us to join our song with His and to step into His light, laughter and love.

And we, who with unveiled faces behold His glory, are being transformed into the same…

Until we not only sing the song but we have become the song.

And others begin to turn to us and ask,

Do you hear something?

To which we answer,

“It starts out softly as a whisper”…


Heidi Mull, hearing the song, singing the song, becoming the song.










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