A Constant Change…

Welcome to September. The time of year for pumpkin-flavored-everything, fairs, festivals and Fall.


As I watch the leaves begin to change color and fall off of the trees, I am reminded of the process of change. Solomon, a wise man from ancient Israel once said, “There is a time and purpose for every season under heaven”. We touched on time a little bit last month but let’s dig a little deeper. The idea of change is very helpful when it comes to our journey to a more hope-full life. Part of our job in creating an intentional life of hope is to learn to understand the seasons of life. To do this let’s take a look at the seasons in nature:

Spring- a time of beginnings, sowing,

Summer- a time of nurturing, investing

Autumn/Fall- a time of reaping, change,

Winter- a time of rest, rebuilding

The seasonal cycles of nature speak to the ebb and flow of life and its processes whether it’s the life of a relationship or the life of a child or the progress of a career. Learning to adapt, grow and change is a lifelong skill. Life is seasonal in its progress which brings us to September and the reason for this season. As I observe the change from summer to autumn, I am reminded to stand here and ponder the life cycles of the pieces and parts of my life.

In the seasonal cycle of a leaf I find a pattern I can use.

From bud to full bloom to color change to falling to the ground, I can find hope and understanding in this process. As I live out this process through motherhood, it becomes very real. From “bud” to “leaf” to “leaving” home, I have been a part of and watched that process take place. I can see the need for sowing into my kids, then nurturing them only to watch as they change into young adults and begin to sow into their own lives. This process happens with relationships marriages, careers and dreams.

1. Sowing/Beginning

2. Nurturing/Giving

3. Reaping/Change

4. Rest/Rebuilding

Where are you in the various areas of your life?


Using the leaf as our visual cue of process, let’s bring that into our lives to remind us that change is a part of life.

How about an update on our door–front or back?



leaf door squareleaf wreath

How about a garland to hang around your favorite room or decorate a item you already have?



leaf garlandleaf deor

I love these. Simple but colorful. Fall-scented candles are a bonus.


leaf mason jarleaf sconceleaf candle 2

This is so basic yet effective…a few fall leaves spread around a room or shelf is just pretty.


leaf shelf

And finally…you can go all out.

leaf door display

Enjoy and we will talk soon.

Heidi Mull, cherishing the moments, changing with the seasons, leaving nothing to chance.


2 thoughts on “A Constant Change…

  1. Would be great if you had a monthly get together and discuss your blogs. I feel you have so much more to say about any given subject.

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