If the Piece Fits…

Have you ever tried to put a 1000 piece puzzle together only to get to the end and find that a piece is missing? How about a new set of shelves only to be short one screw? What if your mechanic hands you a “leftover” part after doing some repairs? Trying a new recipe and don’t have one of the essential ingredients?

I am reminded that the sum of the whole is equal to its parts.

Parts and pieces matter.

Whether it’s a


car motor,

new shelves,

putting an outfit together,

making a meal,

building a Lego tower,

or chess…each piece matters.

Each piece plays an important part. One of the fruits of reflection is finding that missing piece.

I have been struggling lately in my journey towards a more HOPE-full life. I have been easily frustrated, easily discouraged, and easily distracted.

-easily frustrated by the smallest obstacle or anomaly.

-easily discouraged by the slightest negative thought.

-easily distracted by…anything.

I understand that things happen for a reason.

I know that I can’t control the people or world around me.

I understand there is an ebb and flow of life but there comes a time when I am done.

After a few weeks of this–yes, I said a few WEEKS–I have had enough.

There is such a thing as resistance whether from my own inner junk, other’s junk, or the enemy of my soul. My job then becomes to sort and de-clutter the source of this resistance and to find the piece that has been missing or put in the wrong place.

Stop. Reflect. Search the area(s) of struggle and find the piece that makes me go, “Ah-ha”.

Sometimes it is a lie that I have believed and allowed to poison my thoughts.

Sometimes I have allowed someone else’s stuff to be dumped onto my space.

Sometimes I am just tired or weary and need to care for my self.

Each of these is a piece of the whole picture of life–mine in particular.

Once I find the missing piece, I can make the necessary adjustments.

Mine, I discovered, was a lack of trust. I had let doubt about a situation creep in and it began to spread like a bad weed. I took that piece and replaced it with a faith in God’s ability to take care of me. The piece fit and I can move on…

I am not an advocate of a self-focused life. Often the answer to the problems that plague us is to get out of our little world and serve a bigger purpose–to be less selfish. I am however an advocate of a self-examined life. This is not an obsessive self-awareness but a necessary check-up or tune-up. Going too far in either direction–over-examining or under-examining– leads to chaos by either losing the ability to see where/how the pieces fit or with the loss of valuable pieces.

In view of the previous statement, I offer a challenge to us this week:

Reflect to the point of discovering a missing/misplaced piece of your life. Do what you can to make it right and then go be the missing piece for someone else by serving others

Heidi Mull, reflecting, rejecting, selecting, and serving–one piece at a time.


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