Marinating & Meditating…

This month is all about sound and its influence on our journey to a more HOPE-full life. In the last post we talked about the influence of sound and thought and that each one has a specific frequency it emits. Frequencies can be positive or negative and we can keep or throw out those thoughts that are negative. As we delve further into the subject of sound, let’s turn our thoughts to the sounds that either enhance our life of hope or inhibit it.

Just for the record, I love sound. I like to listen to talk radio. I enjoy the noise of having teenagers in the house. I often play music in the background. I like to talk and hear voices. Sound can be inspiring and comforting in many ways.

I also enjoy quiet time. I like to get up early in the morning just to enjoy the silence and solitude. If I have gone too long without it I get edgy and irritable. I love a deep think. Like Pooh Bear, I sometimes need to find a nice, friendly tree to sit under and think, think, think.


We are surrounded by sound from morning until evening and every time in between. Constant sound is a part of our modern world:

restaurants with TVs for every table,

banks with mini-screens at the drive-thru,

music blaring in the parking lots of restaurants and stores,

earbuds & ipods/mobile devices,

streaming radio in our cars,

and endless TV possibilities at home.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with sound sometimes I wonder if it has become our…secret addiction.

Sound distracts, fills voids, and helps us to avoid.

If you are wondering about the validity of this possibility just unplug your “sound carrying devices” at home, in the car and wherever else you can and see how it goes.

We talked in the last post about the inner voices in our heads and the idea of intentionally leading our thoughts because our thoughts will lead us. Sometimes our inner voices can be loud and the corresponding thoughts overwhelming. I think one way we cope with inner turmoil and voices is to drown them out with sound but stuffing our heart-wounds with “noise cotton” will not bring any help or hope where it is needed. It is a temporary fix and although we can choose positive sounds to help keep us positive, eventually, we have to turn down the noise and deal with the stuff.

There is a strength and fortitude that comes from quiet or silence. I am a believer in the scriptural practice of meditation.


to contemplate;

to turnover;

to take care;

to be diligent;

to groan or utter;

to bow down;

to muse;

to have a deep tone.

***Let me just say here that some turmoil or pain just needs to be acknowledged and aired out. Other problems require the ear of a good friend to release it, process it, and let it go. Some issues require the help of a pastor or counselor in order to stop the avalanche of noise that is life inhibiting. If you or someone you care for falls into the last category please don’t hesitate to seek that type of help. It takes courage, strength, and intentionality to build a more HOPE-full life.

The truth is that there are things in the deep places in each of us that can only be accessed in the quietness of this Biblical meditation. As we meditate or contemplate in the silence we are, in essence, marinating or soaking in a healing silence which enables us to hear what our souls are saying.

If silence is difficult for you, I encourage you to be brave and ask yourself why, then listen to what your heart says.

And remember what Christopher Robin said to Pooh:


Heidi Mull, seeking solitude & silence in which to meditate and marinate.


8 thoughts on “Marinating & Meditating…

  1. Heidi, I Loved this, made me think. And the quiet time while reading it was So Peaceful, funny how the humming of a fan can be relaxing.

    Thank You For Sharing This, was totally what I Needed, Can Not Wait to see what you have for the next one,

    The Gentleness that you have in Your Heart Is Just Like Your Mom

    Love You My Sweet, Precious Cousin


  2. I love silence. I rarely have a radio or cd playing in my car or in my home. I love early morning for the same reason you said you do. I love Winnie-the-Pooh. And I love wisteria, too.

  3. Had to save this one for printing out and putting in my Bible. I love the quiet mornings in my sunroom with my coffee just listening to the sounds of the birds. I love when I drive alone, to just have the radio off and be in the quiet. This one is good to have a hard copy saved. Blessings!

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