Listen Up

Welcome to July–a month that kicks off with a symphony of sounds–fireworks, celebrations, parades and music. A perfect backdrop for our theme this month…hope through sound.

Theme: Sound/Noise

We are greatly influenced by what we listen to whether music, news or the conversation of those around us,

I have different playlists that I listen to depending on what I am doing. When I am cleaning or working out, I have an upbeat and energetic group of songs. My quiet time list is much different. There are days when I don’t turn on the news at all and there are people that I can take in small doses because of the negativity. I like the sound of the neighbor’s lawn mower in early summer. I like easy jazz, piano-driven music and the gritty simplicity of the acoustic guitar. I love the sound of the early birds. The sound of my kids laughing and talking together is a beautiful sound. People in church singing all together brings me joy and the chatter at an outdoor cafe is energizing.

How about you?

What sounds do you enjoy and what sounds influence you in a negative way?

We choose friends sometimes because ‘they speak my language’.

We avoid certain people because they are so negative that “they bring me down’.

Most couples have “our song”.

How about a song from your childhood, high school days or wedding? When you hear it does it make you feel good or bad?

Is there a sound that you love?

The sizzle of meat on a grill?

Kids in the pool?

a rumbling motorcycle?

songbirds in the tree?

a concert along the riverfront?

a friend’s laugh?

your favorite singer or band?

Do you avoid the news sometimes because it has a negative effect on you?

How about the voices in your head?

Sounds can be abrasive and offensive…f-bombs in the candy aisle, laughter after tragic news, children screaming at a romantic dinner.

Sounds can be uplifting…the wind rushing loudly through the big pines in our yard, thunder in the distance, ocean waves out of the window.

Some people love the sounds of the city; some the sounds of the country side. We gravitate toward what we like and what pleases us. Sound is a powerful influence on us and on our journey towards a more hope-full life. We will be exploring this in the upcoming posts but for now let’s start to listen to what we listen to and how it effects us.

Craft Activity or Visual Aid:

For those of you following along with us, our craft for this month is a windchime as a reminder to be aware of what sounds are around us that are hopeful and helpful and to take the time to listen.. .

It is fun to look online for different ideas. I love the random ones from stuff that we already have. Colored, textured and themed chimes are also great. Some focus on not just the sound but also the visual appeal.

Here’s an example of a misc item chime:


I had to include the redneck chime (you could paint pop cans also).

The spindle is another great idea to recycle an old chair.

Tin cans great sound and great to do with kids.

The coffee can and CDs were colored with permanent markers.

redneckwindchime spindlewindchime tincanwindchimecoffeecdwindchime

And finally, this one is make with misc washers, craft paint, wooden dowel and some craftwire.


For those who aren’t into crafting, there is a wide variety of wind-chimes to buy with a variety of sounds so take the time to find one that resonates with you.

We will unpack the influence of sound  on our journey of hope in the weeks to come.

Let’s get started by becoming aware of the sounds around us– the who, what and how of sounds and the influence it has on our days, decisions and development.

Heidi Mull, sounding off, learning to listen.


2 thoughts on “Listen Up

  1. I love wind chimes! I’ve even done one with the food cans. Some wind chimes are too special to put outside so they hang in my kitchen. A visiting aunt once told me she’d never seen wind chimes inside a house. Now she has! Thanks for the uplifting words!

    • I love them, too! And I agree some are too delicate or special to be subject to the outdoors. I just bought a new one. It’s bamboo—beautiful sound.

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