Contrary to all reason…

We have been focusing on beauty this month.

Beauty brings joy and joy is like steroids for hope.

Beauty is power. Power to open the doors to hope and find our way out of ‘”the barrens” (see previous post).

Unfortunately, there is so much prejudice and baggage that comes with the concept of beauty. We are told by news media, commercials, store fronts, books and well-meaning friends what beauty is and how to be beautiful until beauty becomes just something else we have to work at, on or to attain. No longer is it something that is intimate, personal and fresh. I want to debunk the lie that rob us of the beauty of beauty.

Beauty does not have to be reasonable or logical or make sense to anyone but you.

Some things are universal but beauty is not. It is personal and unique and we don’t have to explain it to anyone. However, as I have journeyed through life, I have learned to be reasonable, logical and restrained. After all isn’t that what a ‘well-adjusted’ human is supposed to be like. I wait my turn, check myself out at the grocery store, call and schedule needed appointments. I try to keep up with current events and have on opinion–reasonable, of course. Eat healthy, exercise semi-regularly, dress appropriately, implement good oral hygiene and practice good citizenship. I have learned to respond and not react; to modulate my voice and emotions. In this reasonable world, I have learned to play my part well…I think.

But in the life of my heart/soul/spirit/imagination, I am practically the opposite in so many ways. I dream big, laugh freely, take spontaneous flights of fancy. I meander through my day, stroll aimlessly through the store and sing whenever I feel like it. I dance by myself, talk to butterflies, kiss flowers, and cry unashamedly at sweet commercials.

I ignore time and its pressures. I savor, delight in and enjoy whatever, whenever and wherever. Sounds crazy? Maybe–but I would say “CRAZY GOOD”.

There is something in us that longs to break out and away from that which constrains us. I think beauty reaches into and comes from that unbound place in each of us. Since this world can turn everything and everyone into grey-drab-blah, beauty defies those constraints and pulls us into glorious light where hope can be nourished and daydreams nurtured.

I realize that there is much in this world that is not beautiful but our responses can turn the ugly into a testament to beauty.  Flood, famine, slavery–just to name a few–but our attempts to love, help and heal bring light and beauty into those dark places.

So ask yourself: where have I bought into the grey-drab-blah scenario?… And then go on a quest. Find the beauty in the world around you. It is there even though it may take a bit of looking to recognize it. Be willing to look in places that aren’t appealing at first glance because sometimes real beauty is a little deeper than most want to go

Ask yourself: where has reason and logic robbed me of hope, joy and beauty?…And then rebel. Contrary to all reason beauty is and that’s that.

Heidi Mull, rebelling, re-examining and no longer SO reasonable but a little bit more crazy good.


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