Patience is a…weapon?

Patience is a virtue and SO much more.

It is also a time-tested, proven method of waging war.

My son and I did a history course about Medieval times. I can’t recall the number battles that were spent with one army hanging around outside the walls of the city just waiting for the starving people in side to surrender but so MANY battles were actually fought and won this way–especially between Great Britain and Scotland–it’s pretty much all they did.

Patience is a powerful warrior and weapon. And patience, like hope, is often passed over for more aggressive approaches. Face it head on!

Confront your fear!

Stand up and fight!

Don’t take that &%#$ from them!

And in many situations these are true but there are times in life and battle when the waiting is not the hardest part but the most productive.

Let me tell you a powerful story of a woman who delivered a nation with hospitality and patience…

Once upon a time…there was a small country who was continually plagued by the bullies around them. These bullies were smart. They had big vehicles that were fast and could deliver an army anywhere in just a few days as compared to the weeks it would normally take.

These bullies would attack after the harvest as the people were on their way to the market to sell their goods and rob them as well as killing the men and often the women, too. The children were taken as slaves never to return.This went on for decades until the people were fearful, weary and fragmented into small groups in hiding, with little or no power to fight back.

Through a series of events there was a man who was raised up as a warrior and a leader but he was known to be a bit brash. He, with the help of a respected, local, spiritual leader, was able to unify and raise an army but because he had flip-flopped one too many times, it was prophesied that the ultimate victory would come from a woman.

Now this is not a” girl power” story but a story of quiet strength and bravery that came from a most unexpected place. The fact that she was a woman is secondary to the fact that she was not your typical warrior.

A battled ensued and the small country was gaining its long awaited victory but the fierce, charismatic leader of the opposition had escaped. He fled into the hills where it would be almost impossible to catch him. He ran until he was near exhaustion. He came upon the home of a man from a different country who was a weapons maker… to the highest bidder, of course. This man had no loyalty to either side and here the weary commander knew he would find rest and food…for a price.

He went in and found the man was out on a business trip but his wife was home. He rudely demanded a drink and a place to rest. She, being a wise and patient woman, offered him fresh milk instead of just water. She was nobody’s fool. She knew who he was and the battle that had been taking place. Her husband had been making quite a profit. She also knew the cruelty of this man and his soldiers. She had seen the slaughtered bodies and heard the cries of the enslaved children and her heart rose within her.

However, she was nothing if not hospitable, so she gave him soft pillows and a comfy place to sleep. She told him that she would keep watch and yell if someone came near and so sleep he did.

She waited patiently until he was breathing slowly and snoring heavily. She located a heavy metal spike that she used to set up their store tents. This fearless, patient wife of a weasel grabbed a mallet and quietly walked over to the snoring warrior, she gently placed the spike on his temple (the soft side of the forehead) and swung the mallet with every ounce of strength in her. It connected, pierced his brain and he, the much-feared, brutal commander was dead.

They eventually tracked his location and she, being humble and kind, quietly told them,” the man you seek is here”. As prophesied, a woman was given credit for the victory and is remembered still today.

I think of this story often as I ponder how to proceed through tiring trials, sleepless storms and rough relationships and I know that the time will come when I can gain victory if I am patient, kind and not afraid to use the strength and grace I have learned in my day-to-day life. And I remember that the enemy isn’t the person I share my tent with or the people I see at Wal-mart but the cruelty and evil that has been waging war on humanity since time began.

I choose to cultivate hope and patience as I go through the day-to-day trials and struggles of life knowing that I am learning the ways an an ancient weapon.

A wise man once said, ” let patience have her perfect work”. In other words, patience is a powerful weapon forged over time and, in due time, it can conquer many a fateful foe.

Heidi Mull, crafting hope, cultivating patience, …forging weapons.


8 thoughts on “Patience is a…weapon?

    • Whew! Sometimes I can’t let myself think too much about what I’m saying. 🙂 I just try and let it flow out. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  1. Too good! I love your matter-of-fact way of sharing reality! (I’m going to go back from time to time to walk in your pristine world, though. Nice. )

    • Thanks for reading and for your comments. This blogging thing has definitely been a process. And I really do value your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to call if you ever need to problem solve out loud, I’ve got your back. 🙂

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