Tidings of comfort and…HOPE

Welcome to April. It’s been a long, cold journey and although I love winter and snow, I am ready for spring.


This month’s thought is about comfort. Hope is very much involved in comfort as the definition implies. “Relief from distress of mind: the ease and quiet which is experienced when pain, trouble, agitation or affliction ceases. It implies some pleasurable sensations derived from hope.” Webster 1828. It doesn’t take long in this life to be in need of comfort–I have comforted many newborns fresh from heaven.

Part of being intentional with hope is being able to grow it for yourself and then to share it. We all know someone or some family in need of comfort. Aches and pains, bumps and bruises, colds and sore throats are some of the everyday items in need of comfort. Then there is disease, severe illness, surgery, disabilities, and even death. The everyday stresses of 21st century living can put us in need of comfort–it’s tough out there. It is hard to know what to do or what to say to offer comfort. We don’t want to intrude or be rejected. This stops us and we all lose in the end–both the comfortee and the comforter.

When in doubt think of a kindness that you have experienced in your life at a stressful time and reciprocate. Kindness brings comfort and comfort brings hope.

Try these out:

A hug


favorite treat/candy

card in the mail

a phone call just to say hi

watch a movie together

a chat over a cup of coffee

and the list can go on.

I have been on both ends of the gift of comfort. I have found that giving comfort/hope even when I am in need of some myself has magnified returns.

This month is about giving… comfort and hope, kindness and friendship.


I want to encourage you to give comfort to someone this month. I have several ideas of things to make. Some less crafty than others. If you want to comfort yourself, also–make two.

  • A cute idea that requires no sewing…you could use some leftovers from the sachets we made to add some fragrance.


no sew heart pillow

  • A get well mug or a beautifully wrapped bar of soap with a crocheted washcloth

get well cupwrapsoap

  • A prayer box or a box of comforting sayings /prayers


prayer box

How about a gift of homemade treats especially to those who can’t or don’t bake.


  • A homemade hand/foot/body scrub.


coconut scrub

  • A fun gift in a jar–these are endless…candy, tea, coffee. or whatever comes to mind. Jars are a great way to package gifts.



Some other ideas :

A mug with bag of favorite coffee

A book that you enjoyed with a new book mark inside

Fragrant lotion and a pair of soft footies.

A new journal and pen for thoughts or prayers.

The list is endless. What brings you comfort and says I am thinking about you?

No crafting skill necessary–just a thoughtful approach to reaching out to someone else and offering hope and comfort.

Heidi Mull, sharing tidings of comfort and hope with my fellow travelers on the road of life.


2 thoughts on “Tidings of comfort and…HOPE

  1. A homeless man walked into the library where I was working on one of my papers today for school. He is someone I’ve spoken with briefly before, but whom I hadn’t seen in a while. He was tentative in his approach towards me, but as I saw him, a smile quickly spread across my face and he eagerly sat down at my table. Today this man shared with me some of the pains he has suffered in his life, some bridges he’s burned, and some of the things that have brought him joy. I found out that he has always found comfort in drawing – well, that is until someone called him a “lazy artist”. Although he found comfort in the smile I offered, I think I’ll pick up a sketch pad and some pencils just in case I see him at the library again. Kindness and acceptance go a long way in creating hope, and I, too, am finding that giving is just as important as knowing how to receive these things that you speak of in your blog, Heidi. Thank you for always sharing your thoughts…

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