Picture Perfect


First things first. I’m sorry that I am late with my March post.  The good news is that this month’s craft can be as simple or as involved as you want.  I am excited to share this month’s thought and craft.


What does hope look like?

Specifically, what does hope look like to me

in this situation or

in this place or

in this relationship?

One of the problems with life is that things get blurry or foggy at times and its hard to see up ahead. I have had times when I am only seeing what is happening right in front of me—this moment…and it isn’t even very clear. Sometimes all we have is a snapshot and it has to be enough…for now.

I went through a rough time with a friend. She had turned her back on me and blamed me for her troubles.  There seemed to be nothing I could do to make things right. I highly valued her friendship but realized, after I had thought and prayed, that for now it was easier for her to blame me instead of facing a more serious issue. I decided that I would not give her anything to be mad at me about. I continued to recall to my mind the good times, the friendship, and numerous things we had in common all the while giving her the space she needed. It was hard. It hurt when she ignored me.  But I had, on my dresser, a particular photo of us early on in better times and this was how I kept hope alive.

frame 2                                             frame 1                                frame 3

Eventually she began to reach out to me again and we did reconcile.  I was able to be there for her and she for me as we worked to grow past the hurt.

I do not always handle things so well.  I have been equally the one who is causing the fog and the one bailing because of the fog.

Finding clarity and focus to help us in the midst of the fog can happen when we look at

a wedding photo and remember why you married your spouse in the first place,

a baby picture of your teen after they storm off to their room…again,

a fun vacation photo before unemployment happened,

a photo of the healthy you before _____,

…a time before this time…

Photos can be visual reminders of a time when life wasn’t so blurry.

Disclaimer: I am not talking about holding on to an abusive relationship in any way. Personal safety isn’t something we “hope for”ever. It is an absolute must.

That being said, the process of hope is not wishful thinking or wishing on a magic photograph.

The idea is to remind us to be intentional in diligently doing our part and to continue learning and growing as human beings. I usually end up spending a lot of time praying and seeking wisdom for these situations.

Crafting hope is not a static event. It is a process of searching for a place to stand on in hope.

Sometimes it feels like standing on a large rock on the edge of a cliff in a hurricane. Common sense says get off the rock and out of the rain but hope says put on your raincoat.

yellow raincoat


I am encouraging you to create a photo art using a personal picture or one from a magazine or somewhere else.

This picture can either be something that is a visual representation of hope or a person/situation in which you are hoping for improvement or a time when life was clearer.

These foggy times happen throughout life and sometime they are brief and sometimes they can last for decades.

Hope is not for the fainthearted but for those whose hearts determine to persevere.

Here are some links:

CD case frame


4 cd case frames

This one is for making picture tiles:


How about just freshening up an old frame with some paint and do-dads:


A Mason jar frame:


Here are a few of the ideas I found on Google Images…

bubbleframe craftstickphotoframe-seashell craftstickphotoframe-sunflower

As always, if you are not craftily-inclined, go looking in thrift stores for a unique frame or get one where you already shop.

This month of March has us longing for signs of spring to give us hope that winter will end. A picture of spring flowers can be inspiring, too.  I hope that for you the fog will lift soon and if not, I encourage you to find plenty of places to hang up pictures of hope.

Heidi Mull, living a hopeful but NOT picture perfect life.


One thought on “Picture Perfect

  1. As a photographer, pictures are very important to me. They make sure we never forget–whether it’s a painful memory we needed to learn from or a warm memory that keeps our hope meter full. 🙂

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