Even the lightest breeze…

     Hope “is like the seamotionless in itself but stirred by every wind even the lightest breeze.”

Titus Livius (and me).

     I really like this quote. The picture it conveys is a lovely one. The seaside breeze especially at dawn or dusk is so refreshing.  It reveals a side of hope that is often hidden. Hope is always there. Life can be hard sometimes and hope has to be sought after and occasionally, stirred by “even the lightest breeze”. I hope this post is just that breeze…

Weariness, numbness and even busyness are such hope-drainers and we all have been there at least once or twice.   One of the ways to be refreshed and guard against these creeps is by crafting hope through our senses.  Sight, sound, taste, touch and this month’s star, smells.  Okay.  I know this may be a bit “out of the box” for some but roll with me, please. In the midst of preparing this post, I found myself thinking (again) about the point of this blog.  I mean, you don’t need one more thing to read and I don’t need one more thing to do.  Of what benefit is it to you or to me?  What do I hope to do or to say that will make it worth our while to keep meeting like this?…?…?

The thought came to me that there are moments, in the midst of the craziness of life,  that present us with the possibility to connect to something deeper–to connect with each other on a deeper level.  In the midst of the mundane, ordinary and at times, even a little silly (crafting for some),  we can use whatever opportunity is available to open ourselves up and expose the inner parts that are carefully and necessarily hidden and to allow a little breeze –fragrant and fresh-smelling–to breathe some hope into us.  We truly are on this journey of life all together, on this planet, in this time in history–this is it for you and me.  I hope that this blog can be just that for us–a safe place to lift up the protective veil and let a little more of the real us out… and a little fresh hope in.

In the spirit of the above zephyr , let’s take a moment to reflect.

What smells have affected you this week or at this time of year?

Was there a time this week/month that you were aware of a fragrance or aroma that was meaningful?

If yes, then take the time to savor that moment and the memories and emotions attached.  If no, then begin to look for aromatic opportunities to be refreshed and encouraged.  And if the idea of smells being part of how we cultivate hope is new to you then congrats!  You have the joy of exploring a whole new area of life.

And finally, I want to encourage you to take, make, find time to make a craft. This month’s one (see previous blog) would be great but any would be beneficial.  Someone with more smarts may be able to say why but I can say with confidence that taking/making the time to do it is crucial to the hope-cultivating process. Thanks for sharing this time with me.

Heidi Mull,  letting the breeze lift my skirts. 🙂


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