Thoughts and Crafts—how it works

Welcome! Thank you for joining me. I know that time is a precious commodity and I appreciate you spending some of yours with me.

So here’s the low-down…”Crafting hope” is what we want to do by thoughtfully intertwining Thoughts and Crafts.

The format is this:

1. a quote, story or thought on hope– the theme if you will.

2. a craft to do that goes along with the theme.

I will link to Pinterest or other places if I think they will help but the overall goal is to be thoughtful yet simple. There will always be an alternative for those who want to take the journey of crafting hope but are less craft-inclined. 🙂

Your feed back and questions are not only welcomed but wanted and if you feel that someone you know may want to join,  invite them. In order to keep posts short and specific I’m going to end this one now and post the Thought and Craft for January immediately following in the next post. Talk to you soon.


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