Let’s get started…

So here we are beginning a new year and I, for one, am hopefully looking ahead to what the year holds. I hope you are too.

There are two aspects to Crafting Hope by Heidi Mull.

1.The written blog.

This is where I present my ideas and thoughts about an aspect of life as it relates to hope. Each month will be a theme/topic that we will unpack on a weekly basis. I want to hear from you and your thoughts both agree and disagree and would like your permission to post them anonymously, of course, to create a conversation about our topics. Please feel free to invite others who you think would enjoy or benefit from our conversations. I also have Facebook page where the conversations can continue.



2.The craft or visual aid page.

This is where I share 12 simple and inexpensive crafts aka “visual aids” (one for each month) with options for age, crafting ability and even time issues. Each craft will be a link or visual representation to the idea of hope that we are discussing that month. The goal is to use crafts (visual aids) and the time spent doing them to  practice the concept of intentionality crafting, creating or developing more HOPE-full hope lives. Each month as we focus on a specific craft, we will unpack and examine an aspect of hope in our daily lives. I want you to be hope-minded, hope-focused and eventually hope-full. One important note: life happens so if you miss one or can’t do it or whatever—DON”T GIVE UP. Joins me in the pursuit of a more hopeful life, however that looks for you. If you find a craft that speaks to you–DO IT!  Just jump in where you are and keep moving forward.

**please don’t feel pressure to do these if crafting is not for you but also don’t dismiss the therapeutic power of making something  as a way to bring focus to our topic of the month. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even pretty to be useful.



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